The Royal Way

Our Royal Identity

Our aim is to maximize students’ opportunities and experiences, enabling their full potential for the future. We prioritize holistic student development, viewing each as a unique individual, not just a learner. We’re dedicated to offering top-tier education to all, regardless of ability, and believe in uncovering hidden potential as a united learning community. At the Royal British School, students’ interests shape every decision. We cultivate a caring, supportive environment to fuel their growth. With high expectations and aspirations, our vision is for students to strive for their personal best.

Amira Moussa's Letter

We strive to empower leadership and excellence in education, fostering vibrant school environments. My deep commitment to educational excellence is well known. This commitment propels me to ensure our students achieve greatness. Education is transformative, giving voice and power. It encourages exploration, passion, diversity appreciation. The Royal British School epitomizes exceptional leadership and vision. Our role is to spark staff innovation, bringing new dimensions of learning to students. Our aim is transformative experiences and meaningful change. Schools should be hubs of human potential, fostering individual growth. This requires a culture of can-do attitudes, fueled by leadership and vitality. Let’s move forward! Nurturing excellence in a leadership-rich, thriving school environment. In closing, a beloved quote:
“Passion for Excellence in Education.”
 Amira R. A. Moussa

Our Objectives

  • Deliver a top-notch education program by upholding the teaching and learning principles of the British National Curriculum.
  • Maintain a strong home-school partnership, united for effective communication and shared support, all for the purpose of nurturing our children’s growth and realizing their potentials.
  • Encourage and celebrate achievement of all kinds.
  • Value our community, our families, our environment and ourselves.
  • Assist our students in recognizing the significance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
  • Strengthen students’ character, self-identity, and self-worth.
  • Guarantee continual student safety.
  • Address individual student needs in suitable settings, fostering an environment for creative exploration, free expression, and ongoing learning.
  • A culture of ongoing learning for everyone, rooted in teamwork, will be central to all school activities.

Core Values

The Royal School aims to achieve educational excellence by embracing the following Values:

We uphold rigorous standards of best practices in all learning facets, customizing the curriculum to cater to each unique child’s needs, enhancing their academic and social growth.

As lifelong learners, students will gain the empowerment to cultivate skills and confidence, enabling them to thrive as successful individuals in their quest for knowledge.

We recognize our responsibility to promote the values of self-worth, respect, and discipline. Equipping our students with tools and opportunities, we nurture their self-esteem and integrity.

We equip our students with the knowledge and skills to explore both themselves and the world. We empower our teachers, students, and staff with the confidence and support to take pride and joy in their endeavors.

We foster strong bonds of friendship and a sense of belonging among our students, where they learn to respect and value both their differences and similarities within the school community.

Steering Committee

Dr. Alia Abu El Naga

Managing Director & Board Representative

Mr. Amr Kamal El Din

Chairman of the School Board & School Founder

Mr. David Meaker

School Principal

Ms. Wendy Routledge

EYFS & Primary Principal

Ms. Liz Deaken

Secondary Principal

Ms. Kariman Khalifa

Director Of Operations & Logistics

Mr. Amr Kamal El Din​

Chairman of the School Board & School Founder​

Ms. Alia Abu Elnaga

Managing Director & Board Representative​

Mr. David Meaker​

School Principal​

Ms. Wendy Routledge​

EYFS & Primary Principal​

Ms. Liz Deaken​

Secondary Principal​

Ms. Kariman Khalifa​

Director Of Operations & Logistics​

The Royal Campus

The Royal School is steadfastly committed to becoming an environmentally conscious institution. We employ diverse methods to raise awareness about fostering a nature-conscious society. Our pledge is to offer an inclusive, compassionate, and rigorous learning environment that stimulates students to grow academically, socially, emotionally, physically, creatively, and environmentally to their utmost capacities. Our objective is to nurture a moral environmental conscience within our students.

Passion for Greener Tomorrow

The Royal Campus stands out with its independent Solar Panels and Sustainable Energy Systems, establishing the Royal British International School as a pioneering campus in Egypt and the Middle East. Transitioning from conventional energy sources to these sustainable systems will lower carbon emissions, directly benefiting the local environment by reducing pollution. Our school has embraced sustainability initiatives, aiming for carbon-neutral objectives. Additionally, we appoint exceptional students as ‘green students’ who take on the role of raising awareness among their peers and inspiring a commitment to environmental preservation through service projects, leadership, and active involvement.

Key Policies

Anti Bullying

“We are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our students so they can learn in a relaxed and secure atmosphere.”

Student Attendance

“Parents must ensure their child’s full-time education. Plan holidays and appointments outside of school hours to maintain consistent attendance.”

First Aid

“We ensure excellent First Aid provision at The Royal School for the safety of staff, students, and visitors.”

RTL (Ready To Learn)

“we ensure a positive and focused learning atmosphere, promoting responsibility and respectful behavior among students.”

Home Learning

“Our Home Learning Policy guides teachers and students, emphasizing reinforcing learning, fostering independence, and effective time management.”


“We ensure safe and responsible technology use for children. We prioritize secure internet access and promote appropriate digital engagement to enhance learning.”

Fire Safety & Evacuation Policy

“We establish procedures to ensure the safety of all individuals in the event of a fire at the Royal School.”

Professional Standards

“Our Professional Standards Policy sets high conduct expectations for all staff members, ensuring integrity, reputation, and digital ethics are upheld both within and outside the school environment.”

Continous Professional Development

“We prioritize staff growth, aligning with our school’s mission. We value ongoing learning for enhanced professionalism and career development.”

Health & Safety

“We prioritize student and staff well-being. We maintain a secure environment through effective implementation, covering various aspects and procedures.”


“We aim to foster a respectful School-Parent relationship, valuing parental viewpoints and recognizing their legitimate right to voice concerns and complaints.”

British Value

“We promote British values – democracy, rule of law, liberty, respect, and tolerance – through our curriculum, assemblies, and programs, fostering a diverse and respectful community.”

RB a safe place to learn

The Royal British International School is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all members of our community and especially for our students. Our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies outline the standards and practices adopted by the school to meet this aim. These policies reflect Article 3.1 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and are in accordance with the British International School standards and procedures outlined in the British Government guidelines ‘Keeping Children Safe In Education,’ (KCSIE 2022 The Royal School has a duty of care to respond to and report on any suspicion, concern or disclosure that may suggest a child is at risk of significant harm. Our Safeguarding Team, alongside every member of our school community, take seriously our responsibility to ensure that any child, staff member, parent, carer or family needing guidance, support, help or protection receive high quality and effective action as soon as this is identified.

Ms. Wendy Routledge

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ms. Liz Deaken

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Ms. Summer Hassan

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Safeguarding Policy

“We ensure the safety and well-being of children is paramount. Our Safeguarding Policy mandates reporting any concerns to our dedicated team.”

whistleBlowing Policy

“We promote reporting of misconduct, ensuring transparency and safety by addressing unethical, unlawful, or unsafe situations.”

Safeguarding visitor's Brochure

“Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone who comes into contact with children and their families has a role to play.”

Safeguarding Bulletin Jan 2023

“Sharing some important news with The Royal School Community to enable us to continue our focus on Keeping Children Safe.”

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