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Principal Accountabilities:

Reports to: Head of Department and Principal

1. Implement the delivery of the curriculum and participate in its review and
development and the resourcing to support its delivery.
– Maintain up-to-date knowledge of the Curriculum, including through own research.
– Participate in a planned programme for evaluating the curriculum/schemes of work.
– Participate in planning, implementing and reviewing necessary changes in consultation
with the head of department.
– Follow a planned programme for evaluating students’ learning experiences.
– Review resources relevant to the curriculum and recommend new resources.
– Make full use of resources and facilities available to the school as a whole.
– Participate in extra-curricular activities which will enhance teaching.

2. Maintain a high standard of teaching and demand a high standard of learning, so that
students reach their potential.
– Maintain high quality teaching and learning of the four skills of language (listening,
speaking, reading, and writing.
– Establish and maintain a classroom environment with high expectations, and support
students in achieving them.
– Maintain a stimulating learning area that supports student learning and achievement.
– Ensure that students understand the criteria for achievement and procedures for
identifying and rewarding achievement at all levels of ability.
– Maintain consistency and appropriate pace in the delivery of planned curriculum with
other members of the department.
– Participate in the Staff Appraisal process, and in department or individual
CPD/mentoring as appropriate.
– Review the progress of groups and individual students and seek solutions to problems.
– Liaise with members of the Pastoral team regarding students causing concern.
– Suggest pupil grouping to promote learning, where appropriate.
-Promote and encourage the students to undertake the international diplomas through
the school (DELF /FIT) and provide extra support sessions.

3. Follow the Policies and goals set by the department, the school, and examination
boards, including teaching and learning, assessment (both formative and summative)
and moderation, and communication.
– Follow all procedures and duties as outlined in the Teacher’s Handbook and Department
– Complete tasks to achieve the goals, priorities and deadlines in the departmental action
plan and School Development Plan.
– Make a personal contribution to developing the department in line with priorities.
– Follow policy and procedure for assessment and recording, within school, and
– Ensure that marking and record-keeping are accurate, up-to-date and accessible to
interested parties.
– Ensure that student assessment is used to inform teaching, diagnose difficulties and
strengths, and to set appropriate targets.
– Ensure that students are fully prepared for their exams and that deadlines are being met.
– Ensure that grades and reports are submitted on time.
– Follow marking, homework and student support policies.
– Participate in support arrangements for students in difficulty.
– Assist with the writing of examinations and mark schemes and the marking of exam
papers, within deadlines set by the school.

4. Follow administration, record-keeping and communication processes, in order to
provide accurate and useful information.
– Be aware of required administration procedures and deadlines.
– Ensure that planning and record-keeping meets the needs of the school and is up-to-
– Provide manageable yet worthwhile cover work in any case of teacher absence.
 Maintain regular and effective two-way communication with HoD, other members of the
department, and other individuals, through formal meetings and by being available for
less formal discussions.
– Ensure that reports are graded/levelled appropriately and completed on time.

5. Ensure curriculum continuity and smooth transitions for students through an
awareness of the curriculum across Key Stages 1 to 5.
– Have an understanding of the KS1/2/3/4/5 curriculum to ensure curriculum continuity
between Key Stages.
– Contribute to the planning and implementation of transition sessions across key stages

– Use baseline testing of students to inform planning and teaching.
6. Contribute to the day-to-day organisation and activities of the school and to participate
in school events as a member of the school community.
– Contribute to the day-to-day organisation and activities of the school and to participate in
school events as a member of the school community.
– Follow school policies and procedures, including attending assemblies, carrying out
allocated duties, maintaining order and discipline.
– Check emails daily for important information.
– Attend meetings and Parents’ 3 Way meetings as required by the Principal and Board
(these may include meetings outside the normal school day).
– Attend and support school events as required by the Principal.
– Run or support extra-curricular activities and events where appropriate.

To fulfil other duties as specified by the Principal.
Job descriptions are liable to periodic review and may be renegotiated to meet the changing
needs of the school and the individual strengths of the post-holder.


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  • ▪ Authorise any screening processes that Royal British International School sees fit to exercise in considering this application. I understand this process may include employer references and checking of criminal and medical records.
  • ▪ Note that any offer of employment does not constitute an employment agreement until a separate agreement has been evidenced in writing and signed by Royal British International School and myself.
  • ▪ Am not aware of any personal circumstance, medical condition or disability that would limit my ability to adequately perform the role for which I seek appointment.
  • ▪ Accept that, should my application be successful, the foregoing information will form part of my contract of employment and falsification of any information is grounds for dismissal.
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