The Royal Way

Our aim is to ensure that our students have access to the best possible opportunities and experiences during their education, so that they can reach their full potential and are better prepared for the future. Our work is centered on developing and celebrating students as individuals and not just as learners. We believe that every single child, regardless of his or her ability, deserves a first-class education. Everyone has hidden potential that is yet to be uncovered and nurtured and we firmly believe that together as a learning community we can unlock this potential.

At the Royal British School, our students are at the heart of every decision. Everything we do is about making sure that their experiences here help them to develop in a caring, supportive environment. We have high expectations and high aspirations for every one of our students and our vision is that our students aspire to be the best they can be.

“We need to empower, challenge, and grow excellence in an environment where everyone is a leader, one where schools are great places to be and work.”

Those who know me well are aware that I have a passion for excellence in education, a passion driven by being relentless in the pursuit of achieving distinction within our pupils.

I firmly believe that education shapes the lives of individuals. Education empowers children; it affirms their voice. Education inspires students to practice their hearts and minds; it promotes their passion, it enables them to develop their personality, explore their talents, expand their abilities to the utmost & most significantly helps them value diversity.

The Royal British School is an outstanding example of excellent leadership, encircling vision and performance.

Our role is to inspire staff members to commit to trying new concepts and conveying advanced learning dimensions to our students. We want our staff and students to have great experiences and strive to make a difference.

At best, schools should be an emotional, vital, empire-building endeavor that elicits maximum human potential. Within this framework, every member of the school society is permitted to do their absolute best and to learn about their own greatness. To achieve this, we need to develop a can-do culture where leadership matters, and vitality matters.

So, let`s propel! We need to empower, challenge, and grow excellence in an environment where everyone is a leader, one where schools are great places to be and work.

Before signing off, I`d like to leave you with a favorite quote of mine;

“Passion for Excellence in Education”

Amira R. A. Moussa

  • Offer a high quality programme of education, by maintaining the principles of learning and teaching reflected in the British National Curriculum.
  • Sustain a home-school partnership, working closely together to ensure clear communication and mutual support, the goal of which is our children`s development and the realisation of their potentials.
  • Encourage and celebrate achievement of all kinds.
  • Value our community, our families, our environment and ourselves.
  • Support our pupils in acknowledging the importance of maintaining a healthy & balanced life-style.
  • Enhance the students’ character, sense of identify and self worth.
  • Ensure the safety of pupils at all times.
  • Meet the needs of each student in an appropriate setting, providing an environment in which to explore creatively, express freely and learn continually.
  • A culture of continuous learning for all; based on teamwork will be at the heart of all the schools activities.

The Royal School aspires to be an outstanding educational foundation by embracing the following Values :-


We apply high standards of best practice to all aspects of learning, tailoring the curriculum to meet the individual needs of each unique child, to enrich their academic and social development.


As life long learners, students will be empowered to develop their skills and confidence to become successful individuals in their pursuit of knowledge.


We acknowledge our liability to endorse the values of self-worth, respect and discipline. Our students are provided with the tools and opportunities that will enhance and develop their self- esteem and integrity.


We provide our students with the knowledge and skills needed to explore themselves and the world around them. We empower our teachers, students and staff members with the confidence and support which enables them to take pride and joy in everything they do.


We encourage our students to experience strong bonds of friendship and a sense of belonging to the school, where they’ll be taught to respect and appreciate their differences as well as their similarities.