Secondary Curriculum

Mathematics, Science, Art and Design, French or German, Humanities, Global Perspectives, Music, Physical Education and Computing. In addition, all students registered as Egyptian are required to study the Egyptian Ministry of Education Curriculum in Arabic, Religion and Social Studies. All other students will study Arabic as a foreign language.

Embedded within our curriculum are the critical thinking, interpersonal and communication skills that students need to succeed in our ever-changing world. In addition to it being a subject in its own right, Global Perspectives is embedded throughout our Key Stage 3 curriculum, enabling learners to appreciate and value local, national and global culture.

Year 9 students sit the Pearson iLower Secondary Examinations at the end of May.

Students in Key Stage 4 Year 10, commence their 8 IGCSE subjects; up to 4 of these are completed at the end of that academic year. The remaining subjects are studied over 2 years, ensuring that our students build a sound level of understanding. Year 11 students also commence the study of some AS level subjects which they complete and may extend into A level in Year 12.

Assessment is a continuous process and summative and formative assessment is integral to our learning and teaching. Assessment is used to set realistic but challenging targets for all our students, to celebrate achievement and to inform parents and teachers of the next steps to inform learning. Success criteria are discussed with students during lessons and work is assessed against the criteria; student work is reviewed by student, peers and teaching staff.

Formal Examinations take place at the end of each school term in Years 7-9. Students sit IGCSEs at the end of Year 10 and 11 and Advanced Supplementary Level and A Levels in Years 11 and 12.

Students also sit Cognitive Ability tests in Years 7 and 10 to support target setting and teacher planning.