Extracurricular activities at The Royal School are intended to add a further dimension to the range of classroom experiences offered to our students. They are opportunities for children to broaden their educational experiences by engaging in sporting and creative activities of their choice and exploring different areas of interest, build leadership skills all while having fun! Our ECA’s are offered by teachers who are enthusiastic about sharing skills they have acquired that will enrich our students’ lives. The activities are carefully planned to ensure that every Royal student is challenged and supported to realise their potential. 

The activities provided at The Royal ECAs are part of, not ‘extra’ to what we offer in the classrooms and it builds on the skills and experiences learnt throughout the school day.

Included in our range of activities, are Arts and crafts, Cookery, Jewelry designing and making, Engineering, Model United Nations, Spanish, The Royal Band, Choir, Football, Handball, Basketball and Volleyball, amongst others.

Our ECAs run once a week from 3:30 till 4:30 pm.