About Us

The Royal British International School aspires to be an exceptionally elite educational institution, by establishing an exemplary reputation for excellence. Our school strives to implement a model programme of high merit, abiding by the standards of the British International Educational methodology, while reflecting our own cultural values and heritage.

We aim to enrich our students of multicultural backgrounds, delicately bearing in mind their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Each and every student is valued and highly honoured for who they are. Our students are naturally empowered to explore their aptitudes, deepen their knowledge and enhance their competence to meet the challenges of the real world.

A select team of highly qualified educationists, chosen not only for their proficiency within their fields of expertise, but rather for their competence in leading our students through their journey of learning and shaping their young minds into becoming well rounded life-long learners; while maintaining everyone’s individuality.

A graceful, sophisticated and distinguished school premises with unique potentials designed to house diverse extracurricular activities aimed to enrich the artist and the athlete within each child.

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Dr. Alia Abu El Naga

Managing Director & Board Representative

A warm welcome to everyone visiting our website. At the Royal British International School we like to refer to all our stakeholders as our ‘Royal Family’, because we are one community working together with a shared vision. Our Royal Family comprises our administrative and support staff, teachers, parents, students, and alumni; we trust, support and care about each other. Our Royal Family is the essence of this school, our staff and teachers are our most valuable asset and our students are at its heart.

We all work with passion and dedication to enrich the lives of our students. Our aim is to deliver an outstanding 360-degree learning experience for our students, in which they develop and grow academically, emotionally, socially and physically.

We believe that vital learning also takes place outside of the classroom. Our high academic standards for learning are therefore enriched by our Royal Academies, Creative and Performing Arts Department and Extra-Curricular Activities, in which we offer our students a range of activities, societies, and events. These programmes broaden horizons, instil a sense of responsibility, and foster the development of leadership attributes for our young learners.

We are very optimistic about the future of our Royal students, and we know that together we will achieve great things because our whole school community has one thing in common; “Passion for excellence in Education”.


Mr. David Meaker

School Principal

It is my honour and pleasure to serve as Whole School Principal of the Royal British International School.


My experience in international education, including as principal of six schools and as an educational consultant, has afforded me the opportunity to evaluate what is most worthwhile in teaching and learning. In this regard, whilst it is important for our students to gain the highest possible examination results so that they are well positioned to avail themselves of the best tertiary education opportunities, this is by no means the full picture. In order to take their places as global leaders, our students need to be able to think critically and to learn to participate as contributors in society.  Together with my colleagues on staff, it is my role to help facilitate these aspects of our students’ educational experiences at The Royal School.

David Meaker



Ms. Wendy Routledge

EYFS & Primary Principal

I have been a class teacher, a leader, INSET provider and consultant in England and in International Schools, a British- qualified Early Years Teacher Trainer and a Primary Head Teacher in Cairo. For the past 33 years I have enjoyed sharing my passion for excellence in enabling children and teachers to reach for the stars! I encourage, challenge and celebrate creative approaches and believe that children should be actively involved in their own learning journey. I graduated with a B.Ed Honours degree from Sunderland, England in 1988 and have not stopped learning since.

As the Primary Principal I am committed to The Royal British International School being a happy, safe place where learning happens because everyone wants it to and I am happiest myself when engaged in learning activities or conversations with children., teachers or parents. It is my dearest wish that every student who looks back at their years of learning and growing at The Royal School, does so with happy memories of a wonderful school, great friends and amazing, inspiring teachers.

The Royal School is a place where children can shine. Across the Primary department, teachers focus on individual progress and plan carefully to accommodate for each child’s needs in order to keep them moving forward with their learning and to challenge them to excel. A tailored programme of learning, which follows the English National Curriculum and is culturally adapted to suit our international identity, fosters a celebration of diversity. I value recruiting and supporting passionate, highly qualified and genuinely dedicated staff who are strongly committed to working together and seeking out the best in everyone. Through The Royal School enrichment programmes of Academy pathways (Sports and Arts) and the varied ECAs each child is encouraged to develop their own passion and to share it with others. The pastoral and global perspectives programmes in Primary enable each child to be equipped with an appropriate set of values to prepare them as caring, thoughtful world citizens with responsible attitudes to our local and global environment. Our beautiful, sustainable school environment offers amazing indoor and outdoor learning environments.

Our current Development Plan in Primary focuses on really involving children in their learning and progress, through improved feedback from teachers, personalised learning targets and encouraging creative approaches to developing critical thinking. We want each child to be the driver on their learning journey. These are exciting times at The Royal School as we move forward with a positive attitude to how we will grow to become a truly unique and outstanding school. I am also very aware of the importance, now more than ever, of wellbeing and mental health. For this very reason, this academic year will see us all focusing on looking after each other and ensuring pupils feel they are in a safe place with people they can trust. There are lots of wonderful ways to support pupils’ mental and emotional well-being and our EYFS and Primary teams will be tuning into pupils and helping them to manage and express their needs and feelings during their everyday school life.

I feel very privileged to be part of The Royal School family and look forward to welcoming all to our wonderfully vibrant Primary Department.


Wendy Routledge



Ms. Liz Deakin

Secondary Principal

As Secondary Principal of The Royal British International School, it is my passion to help ensure that each student that passes through the Royal School doors will be able to discover their unique talents and achieve their full potential, enabling them to grow into the best young adults that they can be.

Throughout my 17 years in teaching, both in the UK and Egypt, I have been fortunate to be involved in leading several science departments, drawing on my Chemistry and Biology teaching experience. Over

the past 8 years I have focused more on leading other teaching teams within my roles as Vice Principal and now Secondary Principal of International Schools. Whilst my role now is in ensuring our Royal School team delivers the best educational experience to our students, the highlight of my week is still the time spent in class with my students teaching. Since early in its planning stage, the vision of the Royal School has been to provide our students with a high quality of education from early years until they progress on to further education. We are privileged to teach and for our students to learn in such a well-resourced and beautiful school. From our fully equipped science labs and computer suites to our impressive sporting facilities, our school provides the resources to ensure our students have an outstanding educational experience. The Royal School prides itself on offering each student individual attention both academically and pastorally, enabling them all to achieve success in their unique ways. Our house system, pioneer academy pathways and global perspectives studies, provide opportunities for our students to develop their individual passions and develop 21 st century skills that enhance their educational experience. At the Royal School we recruit qualified, experienced and creative teachers who are valued and supported by a strong network of co-teachers and administration staff. Each teacher who joins The Royal School offers their own unique skills and educational experiences to contribute to our team. All our staff, not only dedicate themselves to ensuring the best education for our students, but contribute to our pastoral programme and also the range of extracurricular activities on offer to enrich our students’ lives. June 2022 saw the graduation of the first cohort of students from the Royal School who were all successful in achieving places at their chosen universities. We look forward to further academic success as the school grows.


Ms Liz Deakin

Secondary Principal


Ms. Kariman Khalifa

Director of Operations & Logistics


Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Royal British School! A very special welcome to many families and students who are joining us on this year’s journey for the first time.

As Director of Operations and Logistics I aspire to facilitate the Royal Schools ongoing operations at Royal School standards.

My varied experiences have helped to develop skills which will be helpful in supporting plans to meet RB goals and to continue the development of an amazing school culture.

At RB we teach children skills and give them tools to become bilingual, curious, caring and collaborative leaners while achieving their personal best in a fast-moving world.

All of our children truly benefit from the outstanding facilities and excellent quality of education delivered by an outstanding team of teachers.

We are proud of our school – as we provide a pleasant environment for learning. We are proudest of all our students, as they reward us with their youthful enthusiasm and inspiration.

At Royal British School we are dedicated to ensuring our pupils fulfil their potential in order to meet these demands.


Ms. Kariman Khalifa

Director of Operations and Logistics

The Royal School is unwaveringly dedicated to becoming an environmentally friendly school, by adopting various means of raising awareness towards becoming a nature-aware society. We are committed to provide an inclusive, caring and rigorous learning environment that engages our students and challenges them to grow academically, socially, emotionally, physically, creatively and environmentally to their fullest potentials. Our aim is to encourage students to develop a moral conscience toward the environment.


The Green Campus
The Royal Campus will be powered with its own Solar Panels and Sustainable Energy Systems which will be one of the first campuses of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East. Replacing traditional energy systems will reduce carbon emission which will have direct positive effect on the surrounding environment by decreasing the pollution. Our school has adopted sustainability plans with carbon-neutral targets. Moreover, we will select distinguished students to be our green students who will be responsible for raising awareness amongst their peers and stimulating their passion for preserving the environment through environmental service projects, leadership and involvement.