Welcome to the Royal British International School

Very warm welcome to the Royal British School. We are very proud to serve as pioneers in education and to be leading an ambitious school with huge potential. These are exciting times for the school, and we are delighted to be taking the school into the next – and first – chapter in its history.

We are determined to secure an outstanding future for the school and our aims are to build on our current strengths, develop a greater focus on enhancing the quality of teaching and learning, and take the school forward on a journey to outstanding in all areas. We are committed to working with the staff, students and the local community to transform learning, aspirations and opportunities for our students and in the community in which they live.

School Principal’s Welcome Message

It is my honour and pleasure to serve as Whole School Principal of the Royal British International School. My experience in international education, including as principal of six schools and as an educational consultant, has afforded me the opportunity to evaluate what is most worthwhile in teaching and learning. In this regard, whilst it is important for our students to gain the highest possible examination results so that they are well positioned to avail themselves of the best tertiary education opportunities, this is by no means the full picture. In order to take their places as global leaders, our students need to be able to think critically and to learn to participate as contributors in society.  Together with my colleagues on staff, it is my role to help facilitate these aspects of our students’ educational experiences at The Royal School. Read More…

Overview of the EYFS and Primary Curriculum

Our youngest students follow the Early Years curriculum, with a significant emphasis on play, early childhood development and interpersonal skills. They progress onto KS1 and then KS2, where the National Curriculum of England underpins the learning with adjustments made to suit our local context and international culture. Read More

In the center of New Cairo's Residential Area

Sulieman El Halaby st. Opposite to Waterway 1